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Psychovisual Evaluations

Here is the list of psychovisual test campaigns currently underway. These tests will be counted by XLIM laboratory, site of Poitiers, in order to validate / invalidate the current research.

Scientific study on the effect of immersion of "le Tumulte®": from June 2015 to July 2015 campaign

Cortex Productions in Angoulême has developed "le Tumulte®", a virtual reality technology unique in the world. "Le Tumulte®" allows users with a 360° screen to interact with projected stereoscopic images with simple gestures of the hands. As part of a collaboration with Cortex Productions, we qualitatively evaluate the sense of immersion provoked by this new collective virtual reality technology by passing psycho-visual tests to a varied panel of observers. The content used in our scientific study will be based on the virtual world « The blood vessel ».

Emotional impact of coloured images: from March 2016 to May 2016 campaign

Our research focuses on emotional impact of coloured images. Because of the personnal aspect of emotions, psychovisual evaluations are paramount. During this test you assess the emotional impact of 30 images in two ways:

  • What is the nature, intensity of emotion?
  • How do you feel seeing this image? (Any? Or rather challenged? Excited? Shocked?)
Images to evaluate are not artistic, they allow us to assess the impact of the reduction of the area observed at attractive areas or not for the eye (images greatly reduced in some cases).

The evaluation campaign is over. You can visit François Lecellier's page to learn more about the results obtained.

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