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Jerboa: modeler kernel generator



Jerboa is a platform based on generalized-maps for creating new n-dimensional modelers in an easily way. The main contribution of Jerboa is the use of labelled graph transformations for creating operations, in an efficient prototyping way. This specificity allows detection of topological inconsistencies while designing. Thus, the reliability of operations is highly increased.

The Jerboa platform

Jerboa comes as a bundle that includes three different parts in order to start development of dedicated modeler:
  1. The core library is currently developed using Java or C++ languages.
  2. An editor for defining new modeler and specific rules. This editor verifies many properties and produces the modeler for all supported languages.
  3. A generic and interactive viewer that allows user to watch and experiment produced modelers.


Here, we present the creation of a new 3D modeler with Jerboa that is able to apply the Catmull-Clark subdivision operation for a mesh.

Step 0:

Before using Jerboa, the developer must define the embedded classes that will be emcompassed in the structure. Here, we define a class named Point, that represents the 3D geometrical coordinates with all attributes and operations needed.

Step 1:

Now, we define all parameters of the modeler through the editor as illustrated in the following video:

Step 2:

After the generation of the modeler, the user writes his own code then compiles all generated sources with the core library.

Step 3:

The user may use his modeler with the generic viewer (as example):



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