Shape from Silhouette: Image Pixels for Marching Cubes

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B. Mercier and D. Meneveaux
Journal of WSCG'05
The 13th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and ComputerVision
Vaclav Skala UNION Agency Ed., Vol.13, ISSN 1213-6972, pp.112-118
Plzen (Czech Republic)
January 31 - February 04, 2005.


In this paper, we propose to use image pixels for geometry reconstruction with a shape from silhouette approach. We aim at estimating shape and normal for the surface of a single object seen through calibrated images. From the voxelbased shape obtained with the algorithm proposed by R. Szeliski, our main contribution concerns the use of image pixels together with marching cubes for constructing a triangular mesh. We also provide a mean for estimating a normal inside each voxel with two different methods: (i) using marching cubes triangles and (ii) using only voxels. As seen in the results, our method proves accurate even for real objects acquired with a usual camera and an inexpensive acquisition system.


Geometry Reconstruction from Images - Shape from Silhouette - Marching Cubes - Triangular Mesh.