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Status:Senior Lecturer / Researcher
Team:COlor Images, movemeNt, rElief and Surfaces
Phone number:+33 (0)5 49 49 74 33
Fax number:+33 (0)5 49 49 65 70
Office number:2/E81
Laboratoire XLIM UMR CNRS 7252
Bât. H1 - SP2MI
11 Bd Marie et Pierre Curie
TSA 41123
86073 Poitiers Cedex 9

GPS : 86360 Futuroscope Chasseneuil

I am Associate Professor at University of Poitiers and in the Computer Graphics team of XLIM Laboratory, since 1st September 2000. My research interests include realistic rendering, soft shadows, Grassmann algebra, and Optical propagation simulation.

Research activities


- Computer Graphics, Realistic Rendering, Soft Shadows, Grassmann Algebra, Optical Simulation.

Current work

- Optical simulation: I develop an extensible software usable both in research and in teaching, allowing to calculate the propagation from one or more antennas. It can be downloaded at http://rapsor.sourceforge.net/.

- Grassmann Algebra: We use them to describe the visibility between 3 dimensional edges and polygons, using Plucker space (see the Frederic Mora and Sylvain Charneau PhD).

- Wave propagation in tunnels, with the PhD of Emilie Masson.

- In realistic rendering, we attempt to reuse the visibility information to accelerate the rendering time of a Metropolis based algorithm. (PhD of Romuald Perrot).

Teaching activities


- Licence IT (Computer Science), Master IMMT.


- Network basis in Licence, Distributed Programming in Master, System Programming in C in Licence, Computer Graphics, Calculability and Logic in Master, C++ in Master, Parallel algorithms in Master

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